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Shannon Matheson

Advanced Foot Care Nurse, Licensed Education Provider


About Me

Hello! My name is Shannon Matheson. I moved to Kenora in 2014 and since then have worked in LTC, float nurse, community  settings and a nurse manager 

My passion for foot care began when I started working as a nurse in Kenora. When I finished the foot care program I opened my owned business.


Since then I have taken many other courses to increase my knowledge and have become a licensed education provider. 


What does an Advanced Foot Care Nurse do?

An advanced foot care nurse is a regulated health professional with extensive training in foot care as well as diabetic foot and wound care. A foot care nurse is fully qualified to assess, manage and provide education for foot, skin and toenail concerns.



The following are just some of the services that I can offer to all ages:


1. Toe nail care (reduce thickened nails, cut thick nails)

2. Corn, callus, and wart reduction

3. Preventative foot care for diabetic patients

4. Ingrown toe nail prevention and trimming

5. Patient assessment/education

6. Timely referrals to other health professionals

7. Exercise

8. Biomechanics

9. Chronic disease management

10. Footwear assessment


What to expect during your visit?


My initial assessment with you will be to go over a treatment plan of care suited to your specific needs. All treatment options will be presented to you prior to any treatment. I will provide you with preventative measures, treatment and ongoing education during our visits. 




To book or cancel an appointment please send me a message at the bottom of this site

Therapy Sessions
Who would benefit?

Below are just some of the people that would benefit from a foot care nurse:

1. Anyone with foot or heel pain

2. Diabetes

3. Poor circulation

4. Foot injuries

5. Unable to look  at or treat feet

6. Chronic callus, corn or thickened nails



How long does an appointment take?
  • The initial appointment will take around 60 minutes based on assessments, treatments and documentation

  • Subsequent visits about 30-45 minutes based on the care needed (1 or more issues)

Getting help from other members of the health team

During my assessment I may recommend one of my following collegues based on your clinical presentation. Here are some examples of who I may refer you to: 




Registered Massage Therapist




Occupational Therapist


Orthotists, Prosthetists, Podiatrist, Pharmacist, Diabetes Educators, Chiropodist, Case Workers and Social Worker. 

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